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a semi truck slamming into a bus packed with tourists at two this morning, and reports of a u.s. soldier from the nearby army base coming to the rescue and saving many more lives. you're going to hear about that man in a moment. good morning, everybody, i'm bill hemmer. it's friday here in "america's newsroom." patti ann: and i'm patti ann brown. well, in this tragic story, the driver of that bus is dead, and 20 people have been sent to the hospital, some of them air lifted from the scene. bill: there is videotape of this incident from a cell phone. look at that fireball on the highway near waterloo, new york. this from a person driving by in a car. write to jamie colby in our newsroom now, what caused this one? >> reporter: showing that video is really amazing because it's incredible there were any
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survivors. a tractor-trailer rear ended a tour bus, and both became engulfed in flames on a highway in new york. it actually took firefighters, bill, 45 minutes to just get this massive blaze under control. the driver of the tractor-trailer's now identified as a 59-year-old man from michigan. he was killed. and of the 52 people on that bus, at least 30 had injuries ranging, we're told, from minor to serious. two were confirmed as critical. it is miraculous that 22 people walked away from that bus without any injuries, but the death count would likely have been much higher had it not been for a soldier stationed at nearby fort drum, new york, who happened to be driving behind the crash when it happened. he pulled several of the injured from the burning bus. incredible. bill: this seems to be happening a lot. and there's been a crackdown on these spot inspections. is that working? is it helping, jamie? >> reporter: there is a crackdown, particularly in new
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york, but we need to look at this issue much more, there needs to be better regulations on safety and inspections nationwide. today's accident happened on interstate 90, that's a main artery through new york. but it l follows one sunday that killed two people and injured 35 others about 45 miles west of today's crash scene. police say it appears in that one a tire blowout caused the bus to veer off the road and flip over. so far this year 32 people have been killed, 323 injured in 17 different tour bus accidents according to advocates for highway and auto safety. tour bus industry safety has gotten more scrutiny, especially after a march 12th crash of a bus returning to new york city's china town after an overnight excursion to a connecticut casino. fifteen people kill inside that one. so following that accident there have been about 3,000 surprise bus inspections throughout new york state taking 304 dreiers and 238 buses off the road.
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but right now the accident that we saw this morning doesn't appear to be any mechanical failure, although they'll check. they are saying that tractor-trailer rear ended the bus. and meanwhile, congress has also held hearings in june to discuss more oversight and regulation of the tour bus industry. we hope they stay on it. bill: like we say, it's happened again. we're trying to track down the soldier, the one who reportedly save add lot of lives, pulling people out of that bus. if we get in touch with him, you'll hear from him and his story as that fireball lights up the dead of night near waterloo, new york. patti ann: yeah. and as jamie just said, this is the latest deadly accident involving tour buses over the past few months. the most recent, last month, when a charter bus slammed into a flatbed tractor-trailer in pennsylvania. that accident killed the driver and injured 26. before that on may 31st, the driver of a new york-bound bus fell asleep at the wheel and
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swerved off an interstate highway in virginia. that bus overturned killing four. on march 14th a luxury tour bus heading to philadelphia veered off the road hitting a concrete overpass. the impact killed the driver and one passenger, and as jamie mentioned, just two days before that a bus crash on i-95 in the bronx killed 15 people. bill: another fox news alert, now to america's future of debt. we are deep in the red, as you know, we have never been at this point before in our country's history. at the moment awaiting on the senate, it'll take a clean vote, or, rather, will it take a clean vote on the house republican plan, cut, cap and balance? harry reid telling the republicans debate your hearts until it's content, but we're still going to kill it. if it goes down in flames, what then, mr. speaker of the house, john boehner? is. >> we've got some members who believe that, but i do not believe that would be anywhere close to the majority. i think it would be irresponsible on behalf of the
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congress and the president not to be looking at back-up strategies for how to solve this problem. it's not enough to wish or to wait for a solution to materialize. bill: cut, cap and balance would trim the budget by $110 billion. it passed in the house this week with 234 votes. it would cap federal spending, call for a constitutional amendment to balance the budget. we'll see that vote this morning. we also expect to hear and see from john boehner live around the time of that vote. we'll talk to a democrat on the senate budget committee and ask him about the vote, and house freshman are going to go -- freshmen are going to go over to the senate chamber to watch this vote, so we'll reach out to one of those house republicans. this is a critical day in the this whole battle, so we'll see where it goes together. patti ann: yeah. a massive heat dome is literally
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baking one million square miles across the u.s. heat advisories in effect for many central and eastern states. people in 17 states feeling temperatures in the triple digits. forty states above 90. and conditions expected to get even worse. folks working on the tarmac say you just have to deal with it. >> you're in the sauna, it's a little spa. right now outside is actually kind of pleasant. when you get into the aircraft pit, it's about 20 degrees hotter than it is on the ground. >> tough to do when you're out here for 8-10 hours straight. you do need to take breaks, find shade, drink a lot of fluid. patti ann:22 people have died. seniors, children and pets should be kept indoors. bill it's going to be with us for a few more days. we're seeing record demand for power with usage reaching a staggering 147,000 megawatts this week alone. i don't know what that means, but it's double that of a typical mild month like back in
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april during the spring. doing their part, energy companies using alert levels to adjust power use. patti ann: well, imagine in all of this heat spending five hours on a bus with no air-conditioning and no open windows. that's exactly what happened to passengers heading from new york to boston. the driver pulled over at one point to check the engine. when that didn't work, he got pack in and continued the sweltering ride up to boston. >> everyone was, like, passing out from the heat, you know, from heat exhaustion. >> it was like i was sitting outside, like, under the sun. but i was on a bus. >> at no point did he ever make an announcement. he did stop at one point, and i thought maybe to check the engine, but again he just got back on the bus and started driving again. patti ann: the bus company says it's looking into the outage. bill: a lot of buildings in new york told to turn off the lights and save electricity. billions of your tax dollars used to bail out chrysler. now we're finding out you just
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took a huge hit on that investment, america. the fed's sharing their -- selling their shares to the tune of $1.3 billion in a loss. last november indiana, here's the president defending that bailout. >> there were those who were prepared to give up on kokomo and our auto industry. there were those who said it was going to be too difficult or that it was bad politics or throwing good money after bad. we made the decision to stand with you because we had confidence in the american worker more than anything. and today we know that was the right decision. [applause] we know that was the right decision. bill: or was it? did we lose again? stuart veryny, anchor of "varney & company." >> reporter: bill. bill: what? lay it on me. >> reporter: let me give you both size of the chrysler -- sides of the chrysler story. here's the argument. chrysler was an american icon, basically given to an italian company using taxpayer money as
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a bridge loan, taxpayers lost over a billion dollars as an example of what government should not do. here's the other side of the coin. taxpayer money saved jobs, kept factories open and opened the way to more fuel efficient cars built in and by americans in the future. it was an example of what government can do, the bailout was a success. two sides to the coin, depends on who you ask on the chrysler story. but again, i want to give you the hard numbers because there's no disputing them. chrysler got $12.5 billion in early 2009. they repaid 11.2 billion leaving the taxpayer with a $1.3 billion loss. i report, you decide, bill. [laughter] bill: you're not going there, are ya? >> reporter: whatever you want me to do. in my opinion, bailouts -- all bailouts -- have failed with the exception of the bank bailout which did succeed and which was vitally necessary. that is a very unpopular opinion
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for me to be expressing. bill: that's okay. it still counts. [laughter] not going to hate you for it. >> reporter: it's hot up here, bill. bill: see you in ten minutes. patti ann, what's coming up? patti ann: just a few of the stories we're following on "america's newsroom," you can see them there. coming up, an ohio cop loses his cool during a routine traffic stop. >> what's the first thing you're supposed to do? >> i was hearing you, sir. >> you were supposed to tell me you had a weapon! you were suppose today say that right off the [bleep] bat. patti ann: why what he says next in that video may cost him his job. bill: there's a lot more to it. the estranged husband of this missing mother of triplets, he says cops are on a witch hunt from him. you will hear from jackie waller's parents. find out why they think the husband is responsible. also -- patti ann: deal or default, the battle other america's -- over
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america's money coming to a head in the senate. we'll talk to a democrat on the senate budget committee on his vote for the cut, cap and balance bill. >> there is no deal. no deal publicly, no deal privately, there is absolutely no deal. >> there is no deal, we are not close to a deal. the president's position, his opposition to a short-term extension, a short-term lifting of the debt ceiling remains firm. period.
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patti ann: the state of georgia put an inmate to death last night in the first videotaped execution since 1992. 37-year-old andrew deyoung died by lethal injection. the judge ordered the taping after another death row inmate challenged the conviction as cruel and unsafe.
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bill: here we go, and will the senate even vote on the cut, cap and balance bill? my next guest is not a fan. delaware senator chris coons, you know these matters all too well. senator, welcome back to "america's newsroom". >> thanks, bill. bill: harry reid said this yesterday, i'm not going to waste the senate's time day after day on this piece of legislation. do you agree with him that it's a waste of time? >> well,ty think it's important for us to show where the senate is, and i was excited when the gang of six finally came out publicly with a bipartisan, big, tough plan, a framework for how to deal with our very real challenge with our record deficits and debt. it's my hope that the senate will consider cut, cap and be balance, defeat it and then put a responsible plan on the floor, one that shares the sacrifice across all the areas of our budget and that puts forward the kind of framework that everyone can support. bill: okay. on the cut, cap and balance, so
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you agree with harry reid that this is a waste of time on a balanced budget. why would a balanced budget amendment when polls show 72% of those surveyed favor it, why would you be opposed to that, senator? >> i don't speak for leader reid, obviously, but what i think the leader was suggesting was that with ten days left until we default on america's mortgage, we should be focusing on things that have a very real chance of passage in both houses and that can avoid the catastrophic consequences of defaulting on america's debt. i think leader reid and many of us in the senate are concerned that if we simply keep ping-ponging back and forth in a high-stakes game of poker proposals that are dead on arrival in each chamber to the other, that we will default, and i think the consequences -- bill: i understand what you're saying, but on the balanced budget amendment you don't favor that. now, why? >> well, that's -- i don't fair this balanced -- favor this
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balanced budget amendment. i do think that amending the constitution is serious business and needs to take big, deliberate discussion. as a last minute, last ditch attempt to try and impose significant cuts in medicare and medicaid and our social safety network and to rush its passage through right before a debt ceiling vote, i don't think that's deliberate constitutional consideration by this body. bill: well, and so then -- >> i'd balance the budget -- bill: i got cha, but what you're saying is could down the road yy actually be in favor if i'm reading through the lines, you're saying the calendar's too short to get it done. i don't know if gang of six plan can get through the congress. you say you're making very difficult choices. >> yes. bill: what are the most difficult choices in the gang of six that they will have to sell to the american voter? >> well, the bang of six -- the gang of six makes an initial down payment of $500 billion in
9:18 am
spending cuts and then sets very real targets for every major committee in the senate and the house to achieve $3 trillion in further savings. it will compel tax reform that will lower individual rates and corporate rates but increase total revenue, and it will compel significant cuts in spending. the democrats who have endorsed this plan are taking a big risk because it will lead to significant reductions in programs that we treasure. be my hope is that -- my hope is that republicans will join the three solid conservatives who are members of the gang of six in also stepping up to the table and saying it's a massive iron here. the only way we make progress is with sacrifice by everybody across the board. that includes revenue, it includes pentagon and spending cuts. bill: and we'll find out whether or not you can lock arms and jump in the water together. senator, thank you for coming back. chris coons, a democrat from delaware. patti ann, what's next?
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patti ann: this is an interesting story. arizona is turning to the public to help raise money to build a border fence be. donations have doubled since we spoke to a state senator earlier this week about the fundraiser. wait until you hear how much money they've raised. and an ohio cop is in trouble. >> you're picking up a prostitute and her damn pimp, or you're carrying a weapon. [bleep] that's what i'm telling you. >> i know you don't believe a word -- >> i don't believe nothing. patti ann: did he cross the line? our legal panel debates that coming up. [ jerry ] i'm a grandfather, a retired teacher,
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and i count on social security. here's what i'm not... a pushover. right now, some in washington want to make a deal cutting the social security and medicare benefits we worked for. with billions in waste and loopholes, how could they look at us? maybe we seem like an easy target... until you realize... there are 50 million of us. [ female announcer ] tell the politicians: cut waste and loopholes, not our benefits.
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bill: got some breaking news right now, if you pick up "usa today" this morning, the president writes an op-ed, and in that op-ed he calls on bill o'reilly as a supporter of
9:23 am
raising revenues in his plan. in the seven minutes, o'reilly's going to come on and tell us whether this is the case or not, so stay tuned for that coming up here in "america's newsroom." now to this out of ohio. an officer stopping a man who later was told he had a legal permit to carry a concealed weapon. this is what happened after the driver told the officer he had a gun in his car. >> what's the first thing you're supposed to do? >> i was giving you this, sir. >> you're supposed to tell me you have a weapon. >> i was trying -- >> you were supposed to say that right off the [bleep] bat. [bleep] talking to me with a [bleep] gun! you want me to pull mine and stick it to your head? >> no, sir. bill: wow. also on that tape, there's a lot more to it that we haven't been able to show you. the officer says this is how cops get killed. the driver is timothy bellow, he's a member of ohioans for concealed rights to carry, that's the group that released this tape. the officer is on leave.
9:24 am
so does the driver have a case against the cop? our legal panel looks at that a bit later here. patti ann: new developments in "the news of the world" phone hacking investigation. two former employees are now suggesting that deputy chief operating officer james murdoch contradicted himself during his testimony to british lawmakers. "news of the world" was owned by the parent company of fox news. greg talcott is live in london with this story. >> reporter: it basically comes down to what james murdoch knew and when he knew about the full extent of this phone hacking scandal. now, in testimony before a committee of the parliament here on tuesday murdoch said that it was just his belief early on, it was limited to one reporter on "the news of the world" staff, and he said he was unaware of an e-mail which seemed to indicate at least one other staffer knew about it. last night the former editor of the paper and its top lawyer said that murdoch was, in fact, mistaken, that he was made aware
9:25 am
of that e-mail. here is what british prime minister david cameron had to say today about this latest dispute. >> clearly, james murdoch has got questions to answer in parliament, and i'm sure that he will do that. and, clearly, news international has got some big issues to deal with and a mess to clear up. >> reporter: in fact, parliament is now simply asking for written clarification from james murdoch. murdoch had said that he would answer further questions in written form last night. regarding this specific instance, he says he stands by the testimony he has given. now n another development, "the wall street journal" is reporting today that the u.s. justice department is readying subpoenas for a possible investigation into news corp., one aspect of that the alleged payment to police by the newspaper here, and they're looking at whether that might violate a law regarding
9:26 am
u.s.-owned companies bribing foreign officials. they're also looking at another aspect, the alleged hacking of voicemails of 9/11 victims' families. now, the responses to that first on the possibility that subpoenas will be drawn up regarding those bribes, "wall street journal" is quoting a source close to news corp. saying that that is a fishing expedition. the other aspect, the possible hacking of 9/11 victims' families' voicemails, a spokesperson for news corp. is saying that news corp. has not seen any evidence of that. to be continued. back to you. patti ann: greg talcott live in london, thanks. bill: in a moment here, is president obama and bill o'reilly locking arms when it comes to new revenue, aka new taxes? what does o'reilly have to say about that? he's our guest life in a moment here -- live in a moment here, so stay tuned. and a millionaire's mansion and two mysterious deaths
9:27 am
shocking a wealthy california community. police searching for answers, and we're now learning more about jonah shack knew's personal life including past allegations of domestic abuse. what's happening there? patti ann: and new details in the search for this missing mother of triplets. jackie waller's parents coming forward on fox saying they are certain her estranged husband knows exactly where she is. >> well, he, he's got a lot of nerve, i'd say. he's not acting at all like somebody that wife came up missing. >> you think there's every reason to implicate him in this case, is that right? >> we know he done it. >> absolutely. >> no doubt about it.
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bill: got some more breaking news on this debt debate. if you se see "usa today" you wl find an op-ed by the president on the debt crisis. what's this all about? straight to the source and bill o'reilly is with us now. bill, i appreciate your time. you are working on your show for
9:32 am
later tonight. what is this about? >> i don't know what president obama is referring to when he uses my name but we have been consistent in telling everyone that the tax code has to be reformed. progressive income taxes the way it is structured now are harming the american economy. and part of this deal, big debt deal would be to recalibrate how americans are taxed so you would get more revenue and help the economy at the same time. you would lower the federal income tax rates and then institute some loophole closing perhaps a national sales tax of 1% to pay for entitlements like medicare, that kind of thing where people would wind up with more money in their pockets, individual americans, but the government would get more money because they would be taxing
9:33 am
people more efficiently. the underground economy in this country is a $1 trillion concern. that's cash off the books, illegal alien payment, that kind of thing. if you lower the tax rates and put in a 1% sales tax that goes away. bill: you are arguing you would draw in more people across the country which ultimately would bring more revenue into washington. but you are noted a row kaight raising taxes. >> no, we made that quite clear. i'm mad at both the left and the right here because they are both not listening to what i'm saying. i have the solution to this whole thing, and i told president obama i'll come down there and get this deal done in a day. it's just ridiculous. people have got to stop and step back. what we are talking about here is a massive economic hit if these people continue to botch it in washington.
9:34 am
and some people don't believe that, but some people didn't believe the tsunami was coming, you know? bill: the statement the way it's written we believe it's from the president's hand. >> he didn't write it. somebody wrote it and they ran it by him. bill: the statement as its written is it accurate as it applies to you? >> it's not accurate in the sense i'm advocating tax rate hikes. they are parsing. they are basically saying many people -- the polls show this as well, 66 per, say yeah, if you do it the smart way, the federal government should plug some loopholes and try to raise more revenue without directly taxing americans in the income earning capacity. so it's all about games. they just play games. both sides play games. bill: it's a shell game.
9:35 am
you move around the pieces on the table and try to figure out where to put in new revenue. so republicans say we are not raising taxes and democrats can say yes, we are. if any democrat says we are raising taxes they are going to lose. what they are trying to do, the democratic party, is they are trying to hold to the entitlement society which i oppose. and anybody who watches my program knows that. but with the right wing tea party people, they are all mad at me. they say we are not going to vote for anything that give the government any more revenue. we don't care what it is. they want to starve the beast. you can't starve the beast right
9:36 am
now because the world is saying to america, you better bring down your debt. and you can't do it just by cutting. the government's got to have some more money. but you can get that money by being smart. by tapping into the underground economy. by closing up to tax loopholes that aren't fair but give the wealthy a tremendous advantage. but at the same time you can cut your income tax for regular working american so they have more money in their pocket. bill: can they get this done, by the way? >> i think they will. it's just so the is from traiting to sit on the sidelines and watch this. but particularly the left. i always said this throughout the whole thing. the left is killing themselves. killing themselves because people are saying, look, they want an entitlement western
9:37 am
european society and america simply can't do it. i warned the tea party last night that if you are lookinged upon by american as being extremists like the far left, you are going to evaporate, too. you have got to be reasonable here. bill: i know you think they will pay a price. but if you look at polling the american people are on their side. >> whose side? bill: they don't want to spend any more money. 60% of the folk we talked to do not want the debt ceiling raised another penny. >> that's not what the polls say. look at the cnn poll said. 66% of americans want a compromise reached right now. 66%. bill: but when you ask them specifically, and our fox polling whether they want the debt kreeling to rise or not they are against a rise in the
9:38 am
debt ceiling. >> we are following it. if anything big happens then i will come in. but i think that you have got to be careful here in how you parse this. and we can -- we the american people can strengthen the nation which is of course should be everybody's goal, by being smart. by surgical revenue enhancers and at the same time drastic spending cuts. it can happen if both sides step back, take a deep breath and say we have to get this. president obama every single day $4 billion more debt. every day during his administration. $4 billion more debt. bill: our debt is bigger than the combined economics of japan
9:39 am
and china? >> i know that. and the problem can be solved. but the tea party has got to realize there is another party here. and if the tea party wants to grow, and i want it to, i think the tea party is absolutely necessary for this country, the tea party has to understand that you have got to take these victories step by step. if there is a republican president, a republican senate next time around which is absolutely possible, if people are reasonable now, then you are going to have way more cuts in spending. and then the whole thing shifts. but if the tea party is deemed to be unreasonable and the interest minded americans say, you know what? we are scared of them, then the whole thing may collapse. and so i just want everybody to see the big picture here. bill: bill, thanks for your
9:40 am
time. enjoy your friday and enjoy your weekend. we'll see i monday. patti ann: new concerns the president's healthcare law could take a chunk out of family's wallets. bill: the joyride that ended up with a banged up mailbox and a bit of laughter. >> it lurched forward and hit the mailbox. now i realize it was because the now i realize it was because the driver was too short to see the mailbox. bill: in a moment how short was too short. who was behind that wheel. a lump sum of cash today.
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pat where frustration is growing in southern missouri. the 39-year-old mother has been
9:44 am
missing since june 1. there has been no sign of jackie waller since she left her estranged home after an argument. her fathered a his to say about his son-in-law and "america live." >> there is a ton of evidence against him. he threatened her for a year. he told everybody except me or she told everybody except me. she kept a daily diary on her company computer and showed it to the secretaries and the girls around her every day. patti ann: the husband clay waller is a former police officer. police say he's not cooperating with them. and he says he's the target of a witch hunt. >> there are a lot of emotions running high right now. i just don't know what to say,
9:45 am
i'm not sure to be honest with you. wore all just sad. patti ann: joining us now former d.c. detective and fox news contributor rob wheeler. he says the cops are wasting their time following him instead of searching for his wife. he says he's being followed by helicopters, they are trailing him, and it's crazy, and that they are focusing on the wrong person and he wants to see them searching. he is a former cop, he knows what to say. do you buy that? >> what this guy said is baloney. if he's a former cop, he knows he's not the victim of a witch hunt, what he is is a person of interest in what is believed to be a criminal investigation.
9:46 am
the police down in jackson, missouri are topnotch detectives. they are not stopping at anything in turning over everything and all pieces of evidence trying to find out exactly what happened to this mother of three beautiful young children. this woman would have never left her children according to her family and friends. we know something probably happened to this woman and this guy clay needs to come clean and tell the cops what happened. patti ann: they almost finalized their divorce. he admits they argued. there was a history of violence and they are convinced clay is behind jackie's disappearance. they also mentioned this diary she supposedly kept on her computer at work documenting incidents of abuse, et cetera, threats. how relevant is that? >> it's very relevant. she is saying this guy
9:47 am
threatened her for over aa we are according to some of her co-workers. let's face it real quick. he lured her to his house. he even admits that they got into a fight the evening she went missing and all of a sudden he says she leaves the house. leaves her car there and just walks away. does he expect the police or anybody to believe that? in his clip he made a statement. he said i don't know what to say. what you need to say is the truth. because we know something happened to this woman. the evidence points to it now. there has been some indication there may have been blood evidence. the police have not confirmed that. and that's the reason why they are not calling him a suspect. but this guy is definitely a person of interest. patti ann: her car was found 3 miles away from the husband's house. her business cards were found scattered on a highway 8 miles away from that house. there has been no activity on
9:48 am
those credit cards which leads investigators to think she didn't just run away because she doesn't have the money to do that. how important is all of that? >> the police are saying they have other evidence they are not going to reveal and which they should not reveal. with all the evidence they have have they will continue to look for her, hopefully put a case together and hopefully this guy clay waller will come clean. he admitted they had a fight and she supposedly walked away. patti ann: thank you so much for joining us today. bill: i really feel for those parents. patti ann: and the triplets. bill: fox news alert awaiting the word of the who is speaker john boehner on the debts. seconds ago he told reporters he's quote, a happy warrior. then he said the senate must act
9:49 am
on cap and balance today. the senate will take that up in moments. we'll take out floor of the senate in a moment. a federal gun program that's gone terribly wrong. this border agent is dead as a result. lawmakers want answers after stunning remarks like this from an atf agent. >> we raced concerns with our supervisors and we were told we simply didn't under the plan. i cannot begin to think of how the risk of letting guns fall into the hand of known criminalz could advance any legitimate law enforcementnterest. bill: congress issa is runs the investigation in congress. what's next live. shed. [ male annocer ] things seem better with travelocity's best price guarantee. our girl's an architect. our boy's a genius. we are awesome parents! biddly-boop.
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bill: will a provision in the healthcare law force american employees to pay more for insurance or price them out of the game all together? that's the conclusion of a new report we wanted to debate today. tucker carlson is here and maria cardona. we are tight on time, but nice to see you both. the healthcare provision here if it many not fixed by 2014, there is a provision that will make it unaffordable to many employees who have coverage through their employer but the coverage will not be sufficient enough. what are we going to do about this? >> it will force them to cover their families regardless of the cost and apparently that cost will be unaffordable in many cases. it affects mainly the middle class. congress will change this and it will cost at least $50 billion
9:54 am
more. the irony is the whole point was to reduce costs and it's raising them. bill: $50 billion in the fix? that doesn't sound appealing. >> all estimates turn out to be lower than reality. bill: maria, is this what the critics come back and always say congress had no idea what it was voting on when it passed it? >> no. there are two important points. the white house is keenly aware of this and they will deal with it through the regulation writing process. that is a process through which regulations are written and that's what tells how this law will be implement. but this is one small part. an overall large healthcare package that's saving a lot of money for american families and giving them a lot of protection. bill: it's a $50 billion fix. >> no, no, that's not necessarily the case.
9:55 am
it is all going to be dealt with during the regulation writing process. that's what tells you how this law will be implemented. but what is important, the bigger picture is the overall law is already saving american families millions of dollars and our system millions of dollars in the short term and long term. we have prepreventive care including mammograms for everyone who joins a plan today. bill: when you hear stories like this, tucker does did make sense? >> nothing is free in this world, particularly not in healthcare. all of this cost money. i don't know a single democrat who wouldn't undo this if given a choice in a closed room. it's responsible for their losses in the last mid-term election. the unemployment rate is over 9%. it hasn't worked and it isn't even implemented fully. bill: there is a lot more to go over this.
9:56 am
>> you compare the savings and protections with what the republican plan is. getting rid of medicare, i think the american people would prefer president obama's approach. bill: we'll pick this up again next week. what's coming up next,. patti ann: that massive heat dome is baking a huge section of the country and straining the nation's grid. we'll have the latest forecast on the deadly summer scorcher and tell you whether any relief is in sight. >> it's brutal. he's in training so he can do most of the work. i have done my part. >> after 90 degrees, it's all the same. it separates the men from the boys so to speak. we are out here, we are going to get the job done. every day, all around the world,
9:57 am
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9:59 am
bill: breaking news from the part of the world where we don't hear news like this often, downtown oslo, norway, an explosion has damaged government buildings, central oslo, including the offices of the prime minister.
10:00 am
several people have been wounded, the blast blew out most windows on a 17-story building that holds the prime minister's office and mere by ministries including the -- nearby ministries, including the oil ministry, and a report from reuters, at least 8 injured, the cause of the blast not known, tangled wreckage of a car outside of one building and that might be a clue in the end, obviously, and, police and fire officials, not commenting on the cause for this. bringing news, right now, out of oslo, norway, believe it or not, a sleepy country there, in scandanavia and we'll get back to that in a moment and in the meantime, back here, closer to home an "fox news alert," awaiting a benchmark and a battle cry, and, they reduced the massive debt. and senate lawmakers set to take up, perhaps, the cut, cap and balance plan in a moment, put forth by tea party republicans in the house and 234 voted in favor three days ago and before the senate house, house republican leaders will talk
10:01 am
live and you'll hear from john boehner and we expect some of the house freshmen and members of the tea party to walk over to that gallery for the senate when the vote debate takes place and we are waiting for that to play out in d.c. welcome back, mii'm bill hemmer and welcome back to patti ann browne. patti ann: thanks, i'm in for martha maccallum. the cut, cap and balance plan is approved by the house and is expected to die in necessity. bill: focus moving forward on a proposal from a bipartisan group of senators called the gang of 6, 11 days and counting to a default deadline and juan williams is following every nook and cranny of this. good morning to you. have an english muffin, too, butter, mets into all of these nooks and crannies. >> right now they have come down off of the $4 trillion mark and back to around the $3 trillion mark and that set off all kind of alarms on capitol hill yesterday, the democrats rushing over to the white house and the
10:02 am
president, trying to talk them down from total anger and melt down, over the idea that he was going to do something thatt woud raise the eligibility age for medicare and even potentially create a larger premium plan, plan b, that, where people have to have more input, more financial input to become eligible and what we are talking about here, bill, is we have three elements, at play. we have clearly attack on entitlements, and, an attempt to rein in entitlement spending and the second thing is, budget appropriations spending. we have to spend less money as a country, and, third, then, tax reform. and, the president yesterday with john boehner, the speaker of the house, was saying, you know what? let's put the cuts up first and that way you can get the republican votes for john boehner and make sure that the fact that the tea party freshmen are likely to defect doesn't kill a deal they come to and then, that is when the democrats said, hey, wait, you mean you will put cuts to entitlements up
10:03 am
front and that -- >> they went off the rails. they are all fired up now and... the republicans are fired up too. did you see the op-ed in u.s.a. today. >> yes, i -- >> president obama -- yes, he did. here's what president obama said now. i'm willing to cut historic amounts of spending in order to reduce our long term deficits. i'm willing to cut spending on domestic programs that are the lowest level in half a century, i'm willing to cut the defense spending by hundreds of billions of dollars, i'm willing to take on the rising cost of health care programs like medicare and medicaid. juan, was any of that in his budget, that went down 97-0 in the senate, two months ago in late may. >> no, but that -- >> bill: an amazing 180, is it not. >> yes, and invites the question, why don't republicans simply say, we won, and, we moved the president, far to the right on this budget, and we are reining in spending and getting the debt under control.
10:04 am
and, that is why when you look at the numbers, right now, the american people are less likely to blame him for failure than they are the republicans. but, if there is not a deal, bill, let me say, there is tremendous danger for the president from people who will say, i don't care which side are on, if you fail to make a deal, that raises the debt ceiling and imperils the american economy and drives up interest rates and makes the economy worse, makes it less likely for people to get jobs, a pox on your house, too, mr. president. bill: one of the points you make there, may come true, you know, we go out and that is how you sell it in the end, perhaps, juan, thank you. take care, right? patti ann: the latest from campaign trail, a brand new fox news poll showing former massachusetts governor mitt romney leading all declared and undeclared g.o.p. presidential contenders. 17% of likely g.o.p. primary voters say mitt romney is their man.
10:05 am
and, coming in a close second, undeclared candidate, texas governor rick perry and third, congresswoman michelle bachmann, in a hypothetical head-to-head against president obama, mitt romney is trailing, among registered voters, 47%, would vote to reelect the president and 41% would go to room. bill: rick perry, a group of supporters are in washington, working to build support for a campaign, and the group latching the web site and the governor's senior aides saying he may be as little as two weeks away from a final decision on whether or not to run. patti ann: right now over 1 million square miles of the u.s. feels like a desert. searing heat an suffocating air and drenching humidity prompting warnings from kansas to maine, 140 million people are coping with temperatures that feel like or actually are 100-plus degrees and east coast cities like new
10:06 am
york and philadelphia are pressure cookers and heather childers is live in central park. what is the scene there? >> reporter: hi, patti ann, you actually described exactly what it feels like, out here, right now, at 10:00 a.m., look behind me. this area in central park, for those of you not familiar, is an area called sheep's meadow and you can see, not a soul braving the heat, it could be because they are not open, because they are only open in fair weather and this is certainly not fair weather, and, you can pan over here you can see folks who are braving the heat, and, taking a walk, and, hopefully, will head home, as it continues to heat up throughout the afternoon and you can see, a fellow there found one spot in the shade, pretty smart and the heat index in new york city expected to be above 110°, which is dangerous and the story developing today. the power supply, also affected. the same story across 2/3 of the country, 33 states, sitting under the sweltering heat dome, and, the midwest area,
10:07 am
specifically, they set records, in terms of power usage on wednesday. a record that was originally set back in 2006, here in new york, con-ed reduced power to tens of thousands of customers in queens and west chester county, specifically and utility and grid operators say they are prepared for this summer peak condition and compare it to something called black friday, you heard of that with retailers and think of that as black friday, happening, over and over again. for the past week. so, that is definitely a strain on the power company. back out here in central park, talk about it being dangerous for people, joining me is a doctor -- we don't have time for you now, but we'll talk to the doctor when you come out and meet us began and in the meantime, it is hot. back to you. patti ann: heather childers live in new york's central park, thanks. bill: he's right about that part of central park, normally on a summer day in july would be packed with people. patti ann: absolutely. bill: nobody is out there today. the excessive heat adds insult
10:08 am
to injury for many left homeless, joplin, missouri, a tent city, home to folks with nowhere else to go and the population swelled after the twister demolished part of the town and people living inside of homes two months ago are doing their best to survive under a plastic t.a.r.p. -- plastic tarp. >> it is getting expensive and, we are trying to supply power to have fans, it is hot. we have our ups and downs and there are days that everything goes smoothly and days, like, man i wish i had a home to go to. bill: donation and church and volunteer groups, helping to lighten the load and two days ago a youth group handed out food and tried to raise spirits. patti ann: tough there. the heat is forcing people to change job routines entirely. in oklahoma, one work crew is doing a complete 180. and burning the midnight oil, to install new turf at an oklahoma city area football stadium and
10:09 am
had no choice, since the extreme day time temperatures threatened the deadline for finishing the job. >> it is too hot to work during the day. i mean, the turf heats up an additional 15°, at least, at the minimum, beyond what the and beaten temperature is. -- ambient temperature is. patti ann: that helps when stretching out 1800 pound chunks of carpet under the moon instead of the sun, new shift, 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. bill: and new developments, the mysterious death of a pharmaceutical tycoon's girlfriend and his son and autopsy results sealed as police conduct the investigation, the girlfriend found hanging from a balcony and the boy dying days later allegedly after falling down the stairs of the same home and the woman's family says, no way was her death a suicide. adam housely is trying to piece it together and the latest is what, adam? >> reporter: investigators say everybody is cooperating, bill and that is good news as they go
10:10 am
forward and they say everybody they believe was at the mansion, during the time of the accident, which is still being called an accident, last monday, when max, the 6-year-old son, fell down the stairs and the time of the girlfriend's apparent either suicide or homicide, that happened trying to determine which it was, and they've talked to everybody and have been to the mansion and said everybody has been cooperative and you talk to detectives, they say the one frustrating part for them is they have been getting calls and inquiries, from all over the world, because of the violent and bizarre death, especially of the girlfriend, the 32-year-old and it's not like television and these things take time. >> we all know on television, they can get it done in an hour and we realize that that is television, but i can tell you, here in san diego we have a very, very proactive crime laboratory on the sheriffs department and we can get things done, fairly quick. just, not in an hour and i think it will be more like weeks versus days, unless something big comes up.
10:11 am
>> reporter: there are 15 detectives working on the case, waiting for toxicology an forensics and, there are no plans for a press conference by the sheriffs department down there, until the -- early the end of next week and potentially the first part of the following week when those results come in and it can be combined with the autopsy. bill: that will be fascinating and you wonder what they've concluded already, if anything, adam, thank you. >> reporter: keeping it close. bill: adam housely in l.a. indeed they are and the guy pulled over does not tell the officer he's carrying a concealed weapon. >> what is this first thing you are supposed to do. >> i'm supposed to tell you i have a weapon. >>... >> i never done this before. [bleeped]. >> you went to the class. >> yes, sir... bill: it did not end there, in fact it got start, what the officer does next, landed him on leave, that is coming up, patsy an. patti ann: and, they look like two nice ladies but they are not acting very lady like, how they
10:12 am
walked past the liquor store clerk with $400 worth of booze. bill: also on the senate familiar, said to vote on a house plan for reducing the debt. my next guest says actions speak louder than words. >> the democrats can control the floor and can control the debate and add amendments as they will and we want the debate. we want americans to see what we are for and what they are for. no more empty rhetoric. necessit. i find investments with e-trade's top 5 lists and use pre-defined screeners to work smarter. not harder. i depend on myself to take charge of my financial future. [ bell dinging ]
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10:15 am
bill: back to the breaking news, in oslo, norway, worse by the moment, we understand, about damage, downtown government buildings. oslo, norway, now being evacuated, the first video from the scene is on the screen. as we get that from our sister network, sky news and also, people who were downtown, when the blast took place. what happened here? we do not know and we know, 17-story building had the windows blown out and this from a local newspaper, oslo, downtown oslo, is, quote, full
10:16 am
of chaos and people are running around bewildered and blood on their faces and hands and you can smell the sulfur fumes and an explosion hitting close to the offices of the prime minister, and, the oil ministry nearby was said to be on fire, and, there is tangled wreckage of a car outside of a building, and perhaps that is a clue, as to how it happened and we're working with our reporters, over there in norway and when we get more on that, we'll give it to you and that is the latest stunning video of what happened in norway, just in the past hour. back to that, after this. patti ann: a "fox news alert," house speaker john boehner speaking on the debt debate, let's listen. >>... frankly not close to an agreement. and, so, i would just suggest that it will be a hot weekend, here, in washington d.c. >> i want to echo what the
10:17 am
speaker said. i know that the american people are tired and they want to see results. they want to see resolution, to the debt ceiling issue. and, want to see, really, some productivity here in washington. and, if you look at it, we have done and continue to do the work of the american people in the house. we have sent a budget and passed our budget and sent jobs bills over to the senate and passed a bill that deals with the problems facing the country in the debt ceiling discussion in cup, cat and balance and what has the senate done and when is harry reid going to put forth his ideas and he says somehow the house will not work with him and where are his ideas and when will the senate act and when will they show the american people they are willing to do the job they were sent here to do? bill: eric cantor, before that john boehner on the house side, and on the senate side, they are taking up the cut, cap and balance bill, at the moment.
10:18 am
and, we do know several house freshmen will be sitting in the senate gallery, and you don't see that every day. to watch what is happening below. south carolina republican jim demint is with me now and, senator, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill, there are 15 or 20 house freshmen, standing on the floor of the senate, watching this vote, but, unfortunately, it is not a real vote. harry reid would not allow any debate, and moved to table this, it is the only bill that gives the president what he has asked for, and, yet they are not even going to allow us to debate it. bill: that will not happen and they'll table it under senate terms which means it does not come down to an official vote, is that right? >> right, but this is not the last time we are going try, because, i don't think they are going to -- there will be any other deals, i think the president has been trying to kill time, on this, and it really is outrageous, that they are not willing to put this bill
10:19 am
on the floor of the senate, offer amendments, if they don't like something, in the senate, they have enough votes to strip it out. and if they want to increase taxes, they can add it, but, bill, the fact is, the democrats won't vote for the president's tax increases, any more than they voted for his budget, so, they don't want americans to know what they really stand for, and, that is why they don't want this bill on the floor. bill: there's a few things we need to share with viewers, late yesterday, harry reid said, i will not waste the senate's time day after day on the piece of legislation that involves a balanced budget agreement, too, by the way and we asked americans in the past week or so, do you favor a balanced budget amendment, overwhelmingly, 72% say yes. but then you start get into the weeds about what you will cut and whether or not you want taxes to be raised, it flips. 63% against, and 62% against as well, and, bill o'reilly mentioned earlier in an op-ed the president wrote out of the
10:20 am
house, saying raising revenues is something warren buffett agrees to and o'reilly agrees to and a lot of different language is involved in explaining the decision and o'reilly was on with us and what we talked about is whether or not americans think raising the debt limit is a good idea. we ask this question, how would you vote on raising the debt limit, in favor 35%, against, 60%. the warning is this, you are a tea party member there, on the senate side. the warning is that the tea party members in the house are going to take the fall, if you do not get a deal done, or whatever deal comes out of this, they'll be blamed for it. and, do you see that happening? >> this is not about blame. and we need to stop worrying about the next election. this is a critical point, for america, bill and i don't think we can grow another $2.5 trillion, without our credit rating going down, which means we will pay trillions more in interest, and, in fact, that is what standard & poor's and
10:21 am
moody's has told us, if we raise the debt limit, without long-term credible deficit reduction measures, they will downgrade our credit rating and so the problem is not the debt limit, the problem is the debt. and if we are not willing to deal with it, in a credible way, our country is going to be in trouble. so, that is what cut, cap and balance is all about, and, what i think right now, bill, if the president doesn't like this, if the democrats don't like it, let's see their plan. they have not given us anything except a budget that would double our debt, in the next ten years, and it is time to see what they want to do. bill: all right, senator, thank you for your time, jim demint there, you heard john boehner before that saying it will be a hot weekend in washington. senator, we'll talk again, pate and, what is next. patti ann: from graduation to the front lines, overnight, that story, ahead.
10:22 am
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bill: breaking news and brand new video to share with you out of oslo, norway, where an explosion has damaged buildings and offices that are owned and operated by the government near the prime minister's offices. we're getting word right now through the associated press the prime minister is said to be okay and not injured, but that's not the case for at least dozens of other norwegians now. reports from the local newspapers saying that people are walking around bewildered, blood on their faces and hands. no claim of responsibility if, indeed, it was an explosion that was done with intent, and that's something at the moment we don't know. out of london, now, greg talcott is working his sources as well. greg, what do you have? >> reporter: yeah, bill. yeah, we're tracking this developing the past hour or so, the usually peaceful capital of norway turned into a war zone today. the center of it at least. at least one explosion, some
10:26 am
people are claiming it's a bomb, at least one explosion, maybe two, occurring right near the government offices of the norwegian state. the offices include those of the prime minister of norway as well as other ministries of the government including the oil ministry. as you noted, bill, a scene of chaos with people emerging from the buildings with blood all over their bodies. we're getting varying reports of casualties, at least eight or ten, and some strong reports of damage, all windows according to one report. 17-story central government building of norway with all the windows blown out as well as fires raging on the top of a couple of the buildings. we've seen some aerial shots, bill, of the center of this city and be large plumes of smoke.
10:27 am
again, this is usually a very peaceful scandinavian capital turned into something very, very different. according to one eyewitness that we've been listening to, bill, luckily it was the beginning of a big summer recess, break for the norwegian people and for the norwegian government, and so luckily at least the center of oslo was pretty quiet. we believe the offices were, essentially, empty, so that could have limited the casualty toll. of course, the big question now as we track emergency officials trying to deal with this is what could be behind this if it, indeed, is explosions and there's at least one twitter account coming from a fire official saying that he did believe it was an explosion, another account saying they believed they saw the wreckage of a car in the front of the building indicating perhaps a car bomb. there are a couple of tracks that we're following right now,
10:28 am
bill, that could include the involvement by the norwegian military in actions in afghanistan. there are norwegian soldiers there, there is an al-qaeda official from the northern part of iraq that sought sanctuary in norway and perhaps even more disturbing is the report that just in the past year one of the main newspapers of norway which does have offices in that central area of oslo they, too, printed as other newspapers did in europe these cartoons of the prophet mohamed of the muslim faith, and as we all know, that has been a major bone of contention. this is what we're following right now, bill. bill: all right, greg, thank you. that tangled wreckage of a car might be a precious clue in all of this, and it might be the clue or not. it's not clear what threats were leveled against the government or prime minister, but we're working through all that. it is breaking news in oslo,
10:29 am
norway, here on america's "amers newsroom." patti ann: brian terry was gunned down with a weapon the feds were supposed to be tracking, and terry's cousin gave some emotional testimony on capitol hill. now we're gearing up for round two on operation fast and furious. >> brian did, ultimately, come home that christmas. of we buried him not far from the house that he was raised in just prior to christmas day.
10:30 am
10:31 am
10:32 am
10:33 am
patti ann: preparing for round two of dramatic hearings on a botched federal gun-running sting. operation fast and furious coming under the microscope for a second time on capitol hill. agents lost track of high-powered firearms they were supposed to be using as bait. one was eventually used to kill border agent brian terry. >> rather than meet the wolf head on, we sharpened his teeth, added number to his claw. all the while we sat idly by watching, tracking and noting as he became a more efficient and effective predator. patti ann: that was one atf agent testifying at the first congressional hearing. well, now house lawmakers are set to grill agents who worked on the other side of the border in mexico, and california republican darrell issa is the chairman of the house oversight and reform committee. thank you for joining us, congressman. >> well, thank you.
10:34 am
and be not to correct you, but some of the witnesses came to us voluntarily and supported the program. some came to us and had a long record of trying to stop this program. so it won't be as much grilling as discovery for the american people of just how much warning there was that this was a bad idea long before brian terry was gunned down. patti ann: and just to remind people what the idea was, the idea with fast and furious was to allow illegal gun sales in order to track where those weapons ended up, but after brian terry's death, at least some insiders said the program was a disaster. the agent just there says we let the wolf sharpen his teeth and his claws. do you agree with that? >> oh, absolutely. more importantly, if all the facts were known -- and they were by some high-ranking people at justice -- very clearly the stated goal of this was never genuine. it was always, in fact, knowledge of dea and justice that would have made anyone at atf, even those who supported
10:35 am
it, ask why they were doing it. and that's part of what we'll be going through on tuesday, is letting the american people understand that atf to a great extent was led to believe what they were doing was a good idea while, in fact, it was unnecessary. those 2,000 weapons never needed to walk. patti ann: the l.a. times reports today that as congressional investigators were looking into all of this, the justice department was trying to throw them off the trail. was there obstruction here? >> yes, there was. from day one there was obstruction. they admit that for the first 90 days they were just trying shot to answer, but in fact, they advised potential and actual witnesses they didn't need to testify before congress. that was done both by the democratic majority here in the house and by the justice department and by any reasonable stretch of the imagination, it's obstruction of congress in our lawful duty. it's concerning, but more concerning is how this program came to be and why it didn't get shut down much sooner. patti ann: and there is an
10:36 am
attempt to look into that. as we mentioned, there is a house committee hearing next week, and one of the key questions is expected to be were atf agents actually ordered not to tell mexican authorities that guns used in crimes were illegally purchased through fast and furious. is that going to be a big focus here? >> it's going to be a big focus. next week's hearing is really about south of the border. it's about the mexicans who died as a result of this. we don't have all the names, clearly, we know that people south of the border died because of these weapons, and they died without mexican officials or even atf agents in mexico knowing what they were up against. patti ann: and this hearing comes after earlier testimony. what did you think came out of that testimony? some people say that it seemed to suggest that politics were involved here. >> well, clearly, these were political decisions by political appointees. but just like iran contra you don't worry about who's in the
10:37 am
white house or who the attorney general is, you look at the decision process. have we put the right political appointees in to make good, solid judgment calls? and if we haven't, we need to replace them either with career professionals or with political appointees that are more sensitive to the job they're being asked to do. we want to make sure this is a bipartisan effort, we want to make sure, quite frankly, that it doesn't happen again. patti ann: congressman darrell issa, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you, patti ann. bill: let's get back to norway quickly here, downtown oslo, norway. there's been an explosion, several people have been wounded: the explosion happened near the prime minister's office, the government buildings, the oil ministry said to be on fire. we're learning a bit more about the recent history of terrorism in norway, and as we say this following information, as we say this there is no claim of responsibility and, frankly, at the moment we don't know why this happened or how it happened or who's responsible.
10:38 am
but that blast comes as the country of norway has grappled with a number of home grown terror plots with links to al-qaeda and also six years, going back to 2005, after the uproar of the cartoon of the prophet mohamed. that originated out of denmark first, but last week a prosecutor in norway filed terror charges against an iraqi-born cleric for threatening politicians in that country with death if he is deported out of norway. also danish authorities are telling us they have foiled numerous terror plots in this denmark linked to the newspaper cartoons of 2005. on the phone now is a journalist from oslo that is anders giver if i have your name right. where are you and what happened? >> reporter: i am in the center of downtown oslo right next to the newspaper's main office which a lot of windows were blasted out during the
10:39 am
explosion, so we had to advantage candidate. bill: so you're near the newspaper offices? that is new information. we were told about the prime minister's office and also the oil ministry, but did this blast happen at the newspaper? >> no, it did not happen at the newspaper, it happened probably at the oil ministry or close to the prime minister's office. bill: i see. and what have you seen, anders? >> reporter: well, i was in the office when the blast came, and it's big, you know, steel and glass structure, and a lot of the windows just got shattered and fell down in the main lobby and hurt the people who were down there. bill: there's a report about a tangled car sitting nearby. is that what is seen as the source of this, or is it too early? >> reporter: yeah, that's what people are saying around me, and that seems most likely, that this would be some car, some kind of car bomb. we see it at the oil ministry,
10:40 am
huge devastation there. it's been a very forceful, very powerful bomb if there was a bomb. there is also some speculation that it could be some kind of gas leak, but that does not seem likely. bill: do you smell gas? >> no, we don't smell gas. actually, it smells more like an explosion. bill: uh-huh. no claim of responsibility, correct? >> no, not that we've heard. bill: were there threats against the government? were there threats against this prime minister that you're aware of? >> reporter: i know that, you know, six or seven years ago in the early stages of the war against terror the second in command in al-qaeda mentioned norway a couple of times, you know, in the countries that were in war with islam. also some newspapers printed the
10:41 am
mohamed pictures during the -- yeah -- during this thing in -- bill: during the cartoon brouhaha that started in 2005 and continued for several years and, perhaps, perhaps -- we don't know this yet -- but there might be a connection today. anders, thank you. amenders is a reporter there in oslo, norway. several people have been wounded, injured, walking around with bloody faces and hands, and downtown oslo is in chaos. all this developing in the past 60 minutes. we'll bring you updates when we get them. thanks to our sister network, sky news, for helping us out on that also. patti ann. patti ann: meanwhile, packing heat and paying for it. an officer goes off on a driver who didn't tell him he was carrying a concealed weapon. who is in the wrong here? we'll debate it. >> i take this pretty damn serious. i don't know about you. >> yes, sir. >> my partner and i are getting guns and all kinds of crazy
10:42 am
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if you have high cholesterol, you may be at increased risk of heart attack and stroke. don't kid yourself. talk to your doctor about your risk a about lipitor. patti ann: a police cruiser dash cam captures an officer in be ohio going off on a driver during a recent arrest. the officer was irate after learning the man did not inform him he had a concealed weapon. he did have a permit to carry the gun. let's take a listen. >> [bleep] that's how cops get killed. >> i understand. i don't mean to -- >> i'm so close to caving in your [bleep] head! you [bleep] with me -- >> [inaudible] >> you're just a stupid human being. >> yes, sir. >> [bleep] talking to me with a [bleep] gun! you want me to pull mine and stick it in your head? >> no, sir. no, sir. >> people like you don't deserve to [bleep] move throughout public period. stupid idiot!
10:46 am
patti ann: well, this video was obtained by a guns right group. we're told the officer was placed on administrative leave, and now there's a raging debate over who was wrong or right. let's bring in tamara holder and arthur aidala. thank you both for joining us. it was a very long traffic stop during which this officer and another one searched the car for contraband, and it was pretty far into it before the police officer saw that the guy was holding a gun. the guy says, i was trying to show it to you, you said don't speak, so i wasn't speaking, but i was trying to show it to you. arthur, who's right here? is. >> well, the entire traffic stop that's caught on the dash cam is 17 minutes which is very long, and the driver -- what's really key here is that the driver sat in the driver's seat the entire time. at no point was he aggressive, did he make any kind of moves. and they would check in the backseat to find drugs or
10:47 am
contraband of any sort. when he finally come toss the driver's side, that's when he hands him the permit, and the cop blows up. if you acted as unprofessionally as this police officer did, by the end of the day you'd be escorted out of the building with a little box with all of your belongings in it, and that's what should happen here. patti ann: tamara, he goes on to say as soon as i saw your gun, i should have taken two steps back, pulled my glock 40 and just put ten billions in your a blank blank and i wouldn't have lost any sleep. is he getting a little aggressive here? >> oh, yeah, absolutely. there's no defense of the officer's escalation of this behavior on his part. but there is something that a lot of people i don't think understand about the dangerousness of this kind of situation for a police officer. i'm against those kinds of remarks, but this was at 1:340, 1:40 in the morning, it was a high drug trafficking, high
10:48 am
prostitution area, there were multiple people in the car, and the guy did have four minutes to say something whether it, you know, and the procedures, i think, patti ann, need to be detailed out here because we don't know how the person is supposed to disclose -- >> but, but tamara, all of those remarks, i mean, look, you conceded that you're not defending that. so what should happen to a cop who tells the guy, i should pull my glock 40 and put ten shots in ya, and i'll sleep fine about it, and my partner will be the witness to this execution, and he'll be all right with it too. >> well, there's an automatic, there's an investigation here. i'm not saying that the cop should not be punished for his remarks. however, there is, there are two sides to this, and the other side is whether or not this man should have disclosed. he had four minutes. in the middle of the night, he's sitting in the car in this area, he should have disclosed this very early on. it's a very dangerous situation. patti ann: got to wrap it here, but to tamara's point, this is
10:49 am
how cops get killed which possibly suggests that his escalation was due to -- that the anger might have been resulting from fear. so it's an interesting question. >> patti ann, i know you would never act so inappropriately under any circumstances. [laughter] patti ann: never lose my temper ever. tamara, arthur, thank you both for joining us. bill: while you were talking, patti ann, the senate has officially tabled, which means there will not be a vote on cut, cap and balance, it is dead. passed by the house three days ago, late yesterday harry reid said i will not waste the senate's time day after day on this piece of legislation, and it's done. right there on the floor of the senate, it's over. cut, cap and balance is dead, and we'll find out reaction from republicans as we move throughout the morning here. also it's a move toward "happening now" and rick folbaum who's hanging out there down there in the newsroom. rick: good to see you, bill. more on the breaking news out of norway, this explosion right in the heart of os o low damaging the office of the prime
10:50 am
minister. there is now one confirmed fatality. also, the president talking about the national debt and taking questions in a live event in maryland. we'll have that for you, and we'll talk with senator john cornyn. and we'll talk with grover norquist as well who's in the headlines today, and we want to hear from you. go to click on the america's asking tab. we'll work that into the show as well. busy hour, two hours. bill: sure is. see ya, rick. stay cool, okay? what's a little booze between babes, patti ann? [laughter] the creative theft and now the hunt for the perps, and there is one clue if you look very closely at that video. has to do with fashion. oh, don't move. [laughter] ♪
10:51 am
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bill: updating as we go on oslo, norway. there is one confirmed dead now in addition to the dozen or so that are wounded after this massive explosion that took place near the oil ministry, central os o low said to be in if chaos at the moment. we're working through our reporters in europe to bring you more information on that. one dead, unfortunately, now just reported and crossing on that story out of norway. patti ann: the search is on for a couple of booze bandits. two women ripping off a liquor store, but their fashion choice may do them in. that story out of fox miami. >> reporter: watch these two women closely. one appears to snatch a bottle of liquor off the shelf and tuck it under her skirt. >> and one of them took it out, put it on the shelf, looked back to the clerk, saw he wasn't looking. she grabbed it, put it up her skirt.
10:55 am
she must have had something stuck in her skirt because it went real easy. >> reporter: check out the other one. pop? yep, right under the skirt as well. these women are seen snatching four bottles in if all estimated at around $400. >> these women are low life people to me, and it's really not worth it to do that. >> reporter: this isn't the first time upskirt bandits have hit this owner's store. he said the same thing happened last october. >> it's very frustrating because, you know, you work hard for your money, and two big ladies come like that and take it just like that. patti ann: that was mike marza of fox affiliate wsvn, and that is what we call skirting the law. [laughter] bill: it worked, right? patti ann: at least for now, but their pictures are out there. bill: big skirt, big cattle, i guess, in the end. we've heard from john boehner, eric cantor, in a moment you'll hear from the president holding a town hall and will address the
10:56 am
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major wow factor! where you book matters. expedia. bill: poor guy. sticky here, patti ann. this black bear had his head stuck in a plastic container for three weeks. cherokee national forest, eastern tennessee. beautiful part of the country, by the way. they were getting calls about the bear for a while, and they finally tracked him down, so they tranquilized him and carefully pulled that container off his nothing begin. noggin. patti ann: wonder if he knows winny the poo? bill: hey, have a great weekend, and happy birthday to your son, connor. patti ann: thank you. bill: he's 6? patti ann: 6 yesterday. bill: have a great weekend. patti ann: thank you, you too. bill: "happening now" begins right now. rick: we begin with a fox news

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